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The Ultimate Social Media Festival / Days Calendar 2023 India

List of Festivals / National / International Days - India - 2023 | social media Calendar

Social Media Calendar 2023 includes holidays of Festivals, Days, and all days that stir conversations on social networks that brands can be a part of. put your best foot forward and avoid the last-minute hassle when these occasions are trending on social media.

With most of the on-ground festivities moved online and social media being the hub of virtual celebrations, creating a content bank with polished campaigns helps’ brands in refraining from putting out mediocre work such as the festival’s greetings on a stock.

Brands and agency professionals can highlight their products and services in an enhanced manner, which gives a facelift to the brand connections and uniqueness of the campaigns and creatives. Planning, executing, and scheduling posts on all preferred marketing platforms also saves bandwidth for real-time topical trends, rebranding, and long-format campaigns, helping brands bolster their social media marketing strategy, and also avail resources for other verticals.

Remembering important days all around the year is very tough as it includes national and international days. Being able to remember all of them can sound like big work. Every month contains a few significant holidays and occasions to honor the things that have happened.

Don't worry, we have a complete month-wise list of special national and international days to make it easy for you to maintain your social media calendars. DesignTrade provide Festival Greeting Design Services for corporate, business, agencies, small business, SMEs, Retail & more at an affordable and creative rate.

We have also included Indian festivals as well, so you don't miss out on any.

Social Media Festival Calendar for 2023

Plan future wishes, for your future.

  • Q. Do I need to send advance for the work?
    Yes! We create unique tailor-made designs for you as per your needs. We understand your requirements deeply and then start working on its idea. We specifically work for our clients on individual basis. Once you pay advance then after we would proceed on your design.
  • Q. How can I make payment to you?
    For More Detail
  • Q. Are there any separate, extra, or hidden, charges?
    We do not believe in disappointing anybody with any form of hidden cost. It is our policy to be transparent with our clients with all costs itemized prior to the start of any project. You are notified about extra charges for any change or revision in our packages. Work would progress once you have agreed to any change.
  • Q. Can you create my Website too?
    Yes! for more detail visit to
  • Q. Intellectual Property Right
    We can provide intellectual property rights to clients, they can use our created design for their own usage (which they have paid) We can use the same design for our branding purpose, also we can write our branding on the same design like brochure, poster, menu, website and other promotional branding items.
  • Q. How long does it take for a design to be completed?
    Project duration for all types of designs are specifically mentioned in our packages. A typical project can take a little more as 24 hours or depends on the type of project or design requirements.
  • Q. What is the client’s involvement in the design process?
    As an agency, we listen to our clients from the start. We encourage the client to bring in any samples, color combinations/swatches, and ideas they may have to help us get an idea of style before starting to work with new clients. During the design process, the client is asked to approve certain colors and fonts before work continues. Once the design project is ready for print, we will submit a final proof for the customer’s approval before submitting to production. Once a job is in production, the job cannot be cancelled. At the conclusion of a project, the client may request for the artwork in various formats if payment was made for design services.
  • Q. You’re in a different country from me. Will this affect things?
    Nothing will affect as most of my clients are overseas. As much as I enjoy meeting face-to-face, I’ve found that talking on the phone, through video calls, and communicating by email can save everyone a lot of time that would otherwise be spent travelling.
  • Q. In which format will I receive final output file?
    For Digital circulation JPG or PNG For Print Media Print ready PDF. For Banner, Poster, Hoarding, etc Hi-Res JPG.
  • Q. Will GST be applicable? If Yes, then at what rate?
    Yes, GST will be applicable additionally on our packages at rate of 18%

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Festival Greeting Design Service in India

The #1 Custom Festival / Days Greeting design service with Professional designers.

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