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Packaging sticker design Chennai

The role of the promotional label design is to draw in customers to a new thing or different with regards to a thing. These labels will more often than not include more limited runs and have shading touchy highlights to draw attention. In advertising a company or service, these labels may be found available in sanitizers, ice cream parlor sacks, water bottles, magnets, stickers, among others.



Custom packaging labels Chennai


Piggyback labels are designed with two layers where one is peeled off leaving the other part adhered to a surface. This kind of promotional label is applied to print publications, mail correspondence, or business reply cards. You can have piggyback labels adhered to your products to provide instant redeemable coupons. The top layer can be peeled off to be redeemed leaving the bottom layer intact.

High-quality label design Chennai


If you need to share event information or create brand awareness, then you need to get sticker sheets. They can be applied to envelopes and welcome kits to give customers contact details like phone numbers and website addresses to get more information. These stickers can be printed on a variety of materials and can easily be customized to any size or shape. They are more like “save the date” stickers to remind customers of upcoming events



Product packaging label Chennai

Sometimes getting shelf space for a point of sale promotion can be difficult and this is where coupon labels come in handy. This type of promotional label is an on-pack coupon that requires no design changes to your packaging and no extra shelf space. They use an adhesive to affix your offer on a package that can be easily peeled off to be redeemed at the store counter. Coupons labels encourage impulse purchases, promote other products, boost your brand and message and offer rebates. You can have custom coupon labels to attract more attention.

Food packaging sticker design Chennai


QR code or the Quick Response Code is a two-dimensional barcode that is a machine-readable tool, containing information about the product to which it is attached. These labels are growing in popularity and can be seen in most digital and print ads. They are used to engage the customers by scanning the code using their smartphones to get to a website to access coupons and sweepstakes giveaways. They can be printed separately or can easily be incorporated into current label designs.


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