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Sunpack Sheet Printing Services

Our product range includes a wide range of sunpack sheet printing services, sun pack printing service, no parking signage, tin plate number parking signage, brand promotion sun board printing service and digital sunpack sheet printing services.

DesignTrade is a front runner of sunpack sheet printing company in Chennai

Due to the lightweight of sunpack sheet, vibrant color, and economical price,  It has been the best choice of the customer to grow their brand big in the local area advertising.

“sun pack is a kind of plastic bubble sheet, which top and bottom layer plain high coated easy to print digital and manual,  inner sides with bubble structure”

Due to bubble structure, it has very lightweight so it made so easy to hang in the air or onto the wall”

Being the structure of a sunpack sheet, as an upper and bottom plain sheet (easy to print), and inner hollow check structure (lightweight), it is known as flute board/kiteboard in various parts of India.

Printed sunpack sheets are available in various sizes 1 Fit x1 Fit, 1 Fit x1.5 Fit, 2 Fit x 1.5 Fit, 2 Fit x1.5 Fit, 3 Fit x 2 Fit. These sizes are regular used for outdoor advertising purposes.

The whole advertising sunpack sheet comes 6 Ft length x 4 Ft wide, These sunpack sheets can be cut the size you wish easily.

Sunpack sheets are specialized for outdoor advertising materials. It is an affordable advertising material, sunpack price is based on sheet size, printing color impression, and quality of printing method used.

Usually, a sunsheet sheet comes 2-8 mm thickness, often 3 mm thickness sunpack is used for outdoor advertising. The thicker sunpack sheet is used for other products such as waterproof doors.

Sunpack Printing

  1. Vibrant and various colors white, yellow, green, pink, blue.

  2. Due to lightweight made it easy to hang.

  3. Cheap advertising materials.

  4. Printing available single color, double color, and multicolor.

  5. Standard size as well as 1×1, 1×1.5, 2×2, etc.

High-quality Sunpack printing Chennai

Sunpack Sheets

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Advertising Sunpack Board

Offset Sunpack printing Chennai

No Parking Board, Admission Open, Awareness of GO Green, Save Girl Child, Beti Bachao, Beti Padao, etc.

The best place where we can advertise these Sunpack Board.

Society Gate

Hang on Tree

Railing of Park

Street Pole

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